VATGoodies presents Real Ops

I want to get started with my FIR!

What is the hype about?

Well... organizing a VATSIM Real Ops event is finally within reach now!

  • Air Traffic Manager: We can finally boost our traffic levels!
  • Event Coordinator: This is exactly what I meant, but didn't know where to start!
  • Pilots: Finally some more real ops events! Whoop whoop!

Realistic flying operations!

Enhanced ATC action!

Global involvement!

Where do I sign up?

Are you the Air Traffic Manager of your Flight Information Region? Maybe you are an events coordinator? In any case if you are somehow involved in the organization of events and are looking for the next big event?

Look no further, and sign-up your FIR to make use of Real Ops by VATGoodies!

What can I expect?

Event Organization

An easy to use interface that facilitates the management of your real ops event.

Booking System

An intuitive booking system for pilots. Pilots will be able to claim their departure or arrival flight out of or into your event with ease!

Be a pioneer!

Be part of something that is the beginning of something great! The first VATGoodies "goodie"!